Canine Styling of All Dog Breeds show or pet.

Cathy Camac dog groomer Ballarat



We groom and style all pure breeds and designer dogs, to what ever our clients require (assuming there is sufficient hair & not matted).


The general service includes four key features:
Grooming :
Consisting of dematting the coat, clipping excess coat, cleaning of ears and shortening of nails.


Hydrobathing: Where our clients have a warm relaxing bath and rinse with clean water and deodorized using all natural shampoo’s that are safe for the most sensitive of skin types. In addition anal glands are checked and emptied and each pet is checked for fleas, and if present a flea treatment is provided.


Blow Drying: All clients will be blown dry, and completely check for knots.


Styling: Consists of both blade clip and scissor into a style, which would suit the dog, or as prearranged with owner. In addition upon request,  scissor trims are available.